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In recent years, with the external opening of Shanghai, there are more and more foreigners to live and work in Shanghai. Many of them have a strong interest in Chinese historical culture and customs. As these people are living in a special circle around us, in order to make their life more colorful, SEAIE specially hold lectures on individual Chinese teaching and historical Chinese culture for them. We meet their need of knowing Shanghai and China in the form of humanity journey, lectures and visits on special topics and make them have opportunities to experience the Chinese culture of 5,000 years by their own after work.

The series activities of experiencing the Chinese culture are very colorful, almost involving in every part of the traditional Chinese culture like Chinese tea culture, the history of Shanghai, the ancient buildings of Shanghai, Beijing Opera, pottery art, lectures on Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China's costume and so on. To make the contents of the lecture more vivid, the personnel of SEAIE show them around some distinguished features of Shanghai, such as the Bund and the Temple of Town God. Sometimes they even give the lecture in the visiting sites. In addition, SEAIE also organized the foreign people to go out of town to see about in Shanghai's suburb, even in Suzhou or Hangzhou. This made the foreign friends to learn Chinese culture's variety and profundity.

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