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Tai Chi is a good exercise method for health. Practicing Tai Chi Chuan you should exercise both externally and internally, physically and mentally, trying to keep the balance and unity of outer and inner part of the body. By imitating the movements of masters in our teaching stuff, you will find that your emotion, which is used to be up and down, calms down and self-control becomes an easy thing. What is more you will become aware of the great benefit, that is relaxation, a thorough relaxation. It is a very practical way for you to refresh from tension and exhaustion.

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All styles of Tai Chi Chuan are good for keeping health and body shaping. But in accordance with everyone's specific conditions there are some arts to the choice. Here are some aspects for your reference.

The first, choose according to one's interests. Though each kind of Tai Chi Chuan is quite interlinked on basic theory and basic skills. There are obvious differences among them, especially on the styles. Before you begin to practice, I suggest you to have a look the skills and tricks of every kind of Tai Chi Chuan. When you are fond of a kind of style, you will be interested in it and practice it unremittingly. Tai Chi Chuan is not only a kind of physical sport but also a comprehensive course of pleasure, appreciation of the beauty and feel by oneself of his body.

The second, choose in accordance with your own physical conditions. Are you strong enough? To those who are weaker, they can choose the Yang style or the Wu style. To those who are strong , they can choose the Chen style.

The third, when you practice routines, you should choose the easy style first. To keep the pace of the development of the times, almost all Tai Chi Chuan styles have their own simplified routines.

To select a Tai Chi Style to practise for the balance of your body.

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The Chen Tai Chi DVD include Chen Tai Chi old frame routine I (83 Forms), Chen Tai Chi old frame routine II (71 Forms) and The Chen Tai Chi 18 Essential Forms.

Explained by Yang Zhenduo, the 4 th -generation exponent of Yang style Tai Chi Chuan. Including the demonstration and illustration of the traditional 103-Form and the simplified 49-Form.
This product includes 2 Video CDs. In this product you will learn the basic hand techniques, body shape and demonstration of the disintegrated movementof the Simplified 24 Forms Tai CHi CHuan.
Tai Chi Uniform: Pure handcraft, Including coat and trousers, 100% satin loose fitting Tai Chi Uniform, Cool, comfortable, and Lightweight. long sleeve uniform features frog buttons and mandarin collar.

Tai Chi Shoes: Pure handcraft. Comfortable wearing, Designed and manufactured according to the requirements of Tai Chi practicing. It is soft in materials and light in weight, Makes the practitioner feel comfortable in Tai Chi practicing.


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