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Hello, welcome to visit our site! I'm the administrator of the site and my name is Miao Qian. Maybe it is your first time to be here or you are one of our old friends. I am sure that following my guide, you will find what you want.

First let me introduce to you our site briefly.

Tai Chi & Health (www.taichihealth.net ) is a professional Tai Chi website, dedicating to the spreading and exchange of Chinese Tai Chi culture and promotion of the first Chinese health keeping brand –Tai Chi Chuan. It aims to popularize Tai Chi Chuan as a sport and serve the Tai Chi fans so as to spread Tai Chi culture to every corner of the world and make Tai Chi Chuan known and learned by people all over the world more widely, instantly ,directly and clearly. We advocate the principle of “health is just yourself” and have been working diligently for the newest and high qualified life style for those who love sport and health.

We can offer various Tai Chi products, including books, E-books (PDF format), Videos, kung fu weapons, kung fu uniforms and health keeping products, etc. We also supply to Tai Chiu Chuan fans wushu and its related products which is becoming more and more versatile, so as to meet their health and spiritual needs. We have Tai Chi Chuan masters to help learners when they have any questions in the exercising process. What's more, we have filed a large quantity of articles on Tai Chi Chuan teaching and health keeping. In one word, all these we are doing is aim to make our website the first class professional Tai Chi Chuan site.

If you just can not find what you want in our site, please don't hesitate contact me and let me know your requirements. It will be my honor to serve you. Ok! Let's go!

"I know nothing about Tai Chi, but I am interested in it"
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"I know a little about Tai Chi from other channel but I want learn more"
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"I want to purchase some Tai Chi teaching materials"
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" I have learned some basic Tai Chi routine such as the 42 Form Tai Chi Chuan and want to improve my ability"
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" Do you have any other products except Tai Chi teaching materials?"
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